Sunday, October 24

Resident Evil 4: After Life

The sequel hasn't ended yet! Resident Evil: Afterlife. What do you guys think about it?

There is so many sequel to it until I can't really remember which is which anymore.

Is the movie nice? Partly yes.

I really like the moves by Alice. Even after she had been injected with the T-virus neutralizing antibody, which means she no longer have the self healing power anymore and the superfast speed in fighting, but she still can really move! Haha..

Now, the story plot? Booooooooooooo.... nothing new. Walking pale zombies trying to get their hands onto living humans. Trying to bite them and infected them with the vicious T-virus. Oh ya, this time there is a new type of zombie, the ones which the weird looking head. I remember seeing those while playing the PS2: Resident Evil 4.

What happened at the end? I really don't know! Seriously what happened? Alice broadcast saying the ship is safe for people seeking refuge then TONNES of umbrella corp fighter helicopters came. So? Another sequel? hahaha...

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