Wednesday, October 20

Celcom BlackBerry Torch 9800

The new Blackberry Torch 9800 is in the block!!

Yea yea yea, another smartphone?! NO!!! It is the FIRST smartphone with a Blackberry Keyboard!!

Nice front view huh!! The screen so big and clear.. Stylish design.. Really suit us youth generation type!
Look at the side, slick and smooth!!

Naaaa... Told you!!! Smartphone with Blackberry Keyboard!!! Cool leh!!Camera with flash worrrrr!!!

Here's the summary of the cool stuff it comes with!!! How can you not like all the cool stuffs and high end functionality which comes with it?!?!?! You must be joking!

Here's a brief preview of its superb functionality!

Tempted to get it? hehee..

Good news for you then!! Malaysia's No. 1 mobile provider Celcom is launching the BlackBerry this 28th Oct!!!! Yess.... You can pre-register here . Sign up with celcom and you got loads of freebies which comes with it!! Cool huh?!

Come on la deyyyyyy... This is a smartphone, with superb mobile services, not only for calling, it has internet connection too.. So you need a good fast broad coverage mobile service with it to maximise its capabilities right!

So, LOOK AT Celcom's postpaid plans here!!

One good plan to look at is : Celcom Exec 50...

Why good?
- Call to any number: 15 cent!!
- Automatic discount EVERY MONTH!
- Talk more save more (UP TO 30%) = Think about the time you can lepak on the phone with your honeys!!!
- How much? RM50 only.. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!!
- You also get a FREE 1 month Celcom Broadband Basic Plan!!! 384kbps, not too Chevy huh!!!

So, what are you waiting???? Go have a look!!! Register if you like it (Come on, how can you not like it?!)

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