Tuesday, October 19

30 Days of Night - Review

Just finished watching a movie called 30 Days of Night: Dark Days.

It's basically a movie about a female vampire called Lilith who causes the spread of her species which kills many innocent human beings.

The story all started out in Alaska when Stella and her boyfriend was attacked by Lilith and her vampires. Stella managed to survive 30 days of being attacked. But her boyfriend was turned into a vampire, and the entire Alaskan town was destroyed.

Unlike others who turned into vampire, her boyfriend remained sane and did not try to kill her or suck her blood, but in the end, he chose to kill himself by staying out in the sun light.

After that, Stella has been living in fear of the vampires who were seeking for her
. While she was trying to let the world know about their presence.

A group of 4 (one of them a vampire- good one) then seek out Stella asking her to help them find Lilith to end this vampire spread.

One by one they died being set up by the vampires.

But as usual, in the end, the good prevailed and Stella managed to kill Lilith. During the process, she understood that vampires, although being burnt to death by the sun's UV light can actually be revive by pouring blood onto the head.

Which she did to her boyfriend who was buried in Alaska.
What happened next? She thought her boyfriend was like before. But she was wrong. He didn't recognise her and bit her. So I guess the spread of vampire continues...

Was it a nice movie? It is a budget movie, not much effects. Just cheap stuff.
Good to watch? Hmm.. ok la, just like any other vampire movie.

So what's good to watch about it? If u like blood ,then its cool lor.. here and there all blood!! hahaha...

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