Thursday, October 28

What happened to Limewire?

Have you guys noticed this?

What happened to Limewire? Seems like it is under some sort of injunction.

I wonder how does the company actually make money?

People just use it to download stuff. Not like they pay the company anything.

Any idea how such P2P stuff works? Haha.. I'm so oblivious to IT stuff. Don't really know what's going on.

Wednesday, October 27

Selina SHE Burnt - Update

This is sad.

I was listening to the radio yesterday and it was reported that Selina has 40% of her body burnt in the accident which involved explosive during filming.

Seems like her arms, legs and back were all burnt.

And she will require skin grafting.

Hope she gets well soon. Click here for updates.


Sunday, October 24

Resident Evil 4: After Life

The sequel hasn't ended yet! Resident Evil: Afterlife. What do you guys think about it?

There is so many sequel to it until I can't really remember which is which anymore.

Is the movie nice? Partly yes.

I really like the moves by Alice. Even after she had been injected with the T-virus neutralizing antibody, which means she no longer have the self healing power anymore and the superfast speed in fighting, but she still can really move! Haha..

Now, the story plot? Booooooooooooo.... nothing new. Walking pale zombies trying to get their hands onto living humans. Trying to bite them and infected them with the vicious T-virus. Oh ya, this time there is a new type of zombie, the ones which the weird looking head. I remember seeing those while playing the PS2: Resident Evil 4.

What happened at the end? I really don't know! Seriously what happened? Alice broadcast saying the ship is safe for people seeking refuge then TONNES of umbrella corp fighter helicopters came. So? Another sequel? hahaha...

Saturday, October 23

SHE Selina Got Burned

Wow, just saw this, Selina from the SHE group got burned during a filming.

It was reported she has like 50% burn injuries, which sounds serious! But then again, this has yet to be confirmed.

Until now, it is just hearsay.

Hope she is ok.

By the way, in SHE, she is the prettiest girl and the cutest is of course Hebe.

Follow this website to have more info.

Wednesday, October 20

Celcom BlackBerry Torch 9800

The new Blackberry Torch 9800 is in the block!!

Yea yea yea, another smartphone?! NO!!! It is the FIRST smartphone with a Blackberry Keyboard!!

Nice front view huh!! The screen so big and clear.. Stylish design.. Really suit us youth generation type!
Look at the side, slick and smooth!!

Naaaa... Told you!!! Smartphone with Blackberry Keyboard!!! Cool leh!!Camera with flash worrrrr!!!

Here's the summary of the cool stuff it comes with!!! How can you not like all the cool stuffs and high end functionality which comes with it?!?!?! You must be joking!

Here's a brief preview of its superb functionality!

Tempted to get it? hehee..

Good news for you then!! Malaysia's No. 1 mobile provider Celcom is launching the BlackBerry this 28th Oct!!!! Yess.... You can pre-register here . Sign up with celcom and you got loads of freebies which comes with it!! Cool huh?!

Come on la deyyyyyy... This is a smartphone, with superb mobile services, not only for calling, it has internet connection too.. So you need a good fast broad coverage mobile service with it to maximise its capabilities right!

So, LOOK AT Celcom's postpaid plans here!!

One good plan to look at is : Celcom Exec 50...

Why good?
- Call to any number: 15 cent!!
- Automatic discount EVERY MONTH!
- Talk more save more (UP TO 30%) = Think about the time you can lepak on the phone with your honeys!!!
- How much? RM50 only.. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!!
- You also get a FREE 1 month Celcom Broadband Basic Plan!!! 384kbps, not too Chevy huh!!!

So, what are you waiting???? Go have a look!!! Register if you like it (Come on, how can you not like it?!)

Tuesday, October 19

30 Days of Night - Review

Just finished watching a movie called 30 Days of Night: Dark Days.

It's basically a movie about a female vampire called Lilith who causes the spread of her species which kills many innocent human beings.

The story all started out in Alaska when Stella and her boyfriend was attacked by Lilith and her vampires. Stella managed to survive 30 days of being attacked. But her boyfriend was turned into a vampire, and the entire Alaskan town was destroyed.

Unlike others who turned into vampire, her boyfriend remained sane and did not try to kill her or suck her blood, but in the end, he chose to kill himself by staying out in the sun light.

After that, Stella has been living in fear of the vampires who were seeking for her
. While she was trying to let the world know about their presence.

A group of 4 (one of them a vampire- good one) then seek out Stella asking her to help them find Lilith to end this vampire spread.

One by one they died being set up by the vampires.

But as usual, in the end, the good prevailed and Stella managed to kill Lilith. During the process, she understood that vampires, although being burnt to death by the sun's UV light can actually be revive by pouring blood onto the head.

Which she did to her boyfriend who was buried in Alaska.
What happened next? She thought her boyfriend was like before. But she was wrong. He didn't recognise her and bit her. So I guess the spread of vampire continues...

Was it a nice movie? It is a budget movie, not much effects. Just cheap stuff.
Good to watch? Hmm.. ok la, just like any other vampire movie.

So what's good to watch about it? If u like blood ,then its cool lor.. here and there all blood!! hahaha...

Have you seen so much blood on your hands before?

Wednesday, October 13

FUCK YOU!!!!! - Song

Was walking to class and a guy was speaking on the phone saying
"I'm gona fuck his motha, I'm gona fuck his wife, I'm gona fuck his sista, I'm gona fuckin fuck him if he don't give me back my money!" nice song to go with this..

Sunday, October 10

I hate Jeremy Clarkson!!!

I seriously hate this guy!!! he has the coolest job any guy would dream for!!! Geezzzzzz

Saturday, October 9

She tried to 'purify' her hubby's penis?!

I was totally surprised to come across this news.

What would you do if you found out your hubby possibly doing something naughty with somebody else?

Would you go to such extend to 'purify' his thing?

Never would I have thought about such things happening, but anyway, anything can happen in this world I guess.

Wednesday, October 6

She survived?

How can anyone survived this? But glad that she survived this horrific accident!!

When can I play??

This is very true leh! So what's the answer? When can I play? If everytime also got some people saying such words to me?

Tuesday, October 5

Filial Piety

Such care and love, will it be present in the cold and harsh world? Competitiveness in this world has made many relationship very superficial. Most are made just on the basis of 'use', self gain, 'if you are of use to me, you are my friend'. Such attitude and mentality has crept into family institution too. Many just prey on own siblings, thinking their parents as burdens. What is true love and what is real care? Does it exist anymore?


I know this post is kind of late. But I think this movie really deserve a note.

Frankly, I don't really like Leonardo Dicaprio acting. I get the feeling that he 'over acts' sometimes making the movie rather unreal.

But I will give this movie a thumbs up! Reason being this movie isn't the normal "Boy meets girl, Girl loves boy, Boy likes girl, Girl dates boy, Boy marries girl, Girl haves an affair, Boy hates girl, Girl leaves boy" type of movie. I'm sure you get what I mean right?! haha.

First of all, the concept of the movie is very real. 'Dream within a dream' is real. Not just a fiction. Have you all experienced such a deep dream state before?

Another concept which is very true in the movie is that "when an idea sticks, regardless of whether it is true or not, our actions later are often influenced by the idea and it is very hard to remove the idea even though it is not real".

Try to think back, do you remember something, maybe some issue which wasn't true, but you thought it was and you just keep on believing in it?

For example, someone tells us that someone in our class is bad. Then the idea sticks. When the person approached us, we interact with caution. When we are forced to interact with the person, we are unconsciously wary too.

The concept of 'idea' can be rather dangerous in this point. Can you imagine an innocent person being framed just by someone instilling an 'idea' that the person is bad in other people?

With the philosophical discussion asides, can anyone tell me whether Copp was really awake in the end? From the start, it was preached that in order to wake up from the third level dream, you must also be awake in the other two levels of dreams. But if you remember, Copp stayed back to look for Saito who died in the second level dream.

And at the end of the movie, the totem didn't stop spinning. So? Was he really awake or was he just dreaming?

Monday, October 4

Love the way you lie

Not sure whether you guys agree with me, but I kinda think she's cute and can really sing very very well...

Sunday, October 3

I don't want to miss a thing

This song is amazingly nice. When the song first came out with Aerosmith singing it and the movie Armageddon was showing, it was a total hit. Never expected to hear a different rendition of it. It doesn't have the heavy rock feeling it, but more of the soft and sentimental longing for someone. Sweet... Enjoy...
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