Saturday, July 3

Prince of Persia: The Sand of Time

Just watch Prince of Persia (PoP) recently during the winter break. I kind of like the movie a lot. Ok, ok, anybody who knows me would say I'm bias on this movie because I like the PoP game on PS2!! Haha... Who doesn't??!?! If you are a PS2 guy, you would definitely love this game! The graphic is nice, the movement of the character is superb! The variation of fighting techniques around is 'chun' man!! haha... But one thing about it is, the bloody sand always run out before I manage to conquer the game! hahaha.. yea yea, you guys going to say I'm lousy at this game! haha.. but then, everytime I want to re-play the game, I keep thinking about assignments, so what to do! hahaha.. sure go piah the assignments laa...

By the way, if I'm not mistaken, this game goes wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy back when Information Technology started! Haha.. According to my cousin bro laa, he is a computer tech-ky guy.. haha... Maybe since the start of Windows 95 or even before it, this game Prince of Persia was already around. So it is an EPIC!!!!
Ok, now about the movie. Before you guys start worrying that because you've never played the game and so you can't understand the movie. No worries! because it starts from the very beginning of the origin of the prince! haha.. So, you need not any prior knowledge. Basically the prince isn't a prince but an adopted orphan by the king from the streets.
But obviously, this guy turned out to be a person with the heart of a prince! Haha... Amazing right?! He has superb fighting skills! Better than Jackie Chan lor!!

What I like about the story is: "Follow you heart"

Yup, the catch phrase! I think the part of the story which I love most is the fact that though the Prince of Persia (Not the real prince) and the real Prince are not blood siblings, they got very closed to each other. And at doubt, they can follow their heart to believe and trust each others to protect and save each others.

I hope that this is not too much to ask from my close friends!! Hahaha... But yea, I guess in all relationships including friendships, trust is an important ingredient.


ken said...

i enjoyed the movie.. not storyline.. but a little too perfect in the end =P

Wanderer said...


come on!! u r just jealous that he got the babe! hahha

k0k s3n w4i said...

well, i disliked it PoP because the plot is very poorly written, and the blatant iraq WMD allegory made me laugh out loud. princess tamina's dialogues are pretty much all expositions (in film school, they'd teach you to show, not tell). the fight scenes were choreographed badly, save the one between the black knife throwing guy and the porcupine assassin (good tension there). the parkour scenes would have been great if they were filmed with a wider angle and done in long continuous shots - i've honestly seen a lot better ones. everytime the dagger was used, it's for some stupid reason... i want to see its time jumping ability used in combat! remember nightcrawler in X2? that was insanely cool. the CGI is horrible, particularly towards the scene underground with all the sand. and there's NO chemistry between gylenhaal and arterton (check out the trailer for tamara drewe and see how HAWT gemma arterton is in that :P)

the director made the 4th potter movie, and i expected better from him. i was mostly just very disappointed by PoP. it's not epic. it's not even a fun action adventure flick like the 1st pirates movie was.

got more but lazy wanna write sommore.

Wanderer said...


I kinda agree with you la. Haha. u obviously hate this movie! hahaha..

The sand dagger was really used in a lot of unnecessary scenes, not at very crucial moments except for the ending.

The movie isnt an epic, but the game is. Haha.. its been here for so long.

Talking about battle scenes, the only one i can really remember well is the LOTR at the white castle and also the story about England's last knights (cant rmbr the name of the movie).

RanDomApple$ said...

i even watched this movie twice! (i like the kissing part tho..wahhahaha!)

Wanderer said...

Random Apple

haha.. i see u like it too!! hah..

Like the ninja part!! really got a little suspense.

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