Tuesday, July 20

Joy in Just a Pen

Just saw a story about 'Pen'.

Have you ever had problems figuring out what to buy as a gift for someone else during a birthday?

Most often, we can't really seem to figure out what to get as most people would already have most of the things. Even at a very young age, many of them would already possess things which many of us only have it at a later stage in life.

Look at primary school kids, they already have hi-tech mobiles, playstation 3, X-box 360, etc. So what can you still get for them?

An author when going on a vacation to Tibet was told by his friend to bring more pens/pencils on the trip. At first, he was curious about the reason behind this. He thought, maybe it was hard to get pens in the area and his friend just wanted him to be able continue writing even during vacation.

During the trip, the author noticed something different. For the many places which he has visited. The kids often gather around you with their hands right in front of you asking for money and a desperate look.

But in Tibet, the kids weren't like these. Instead, they just walk behind you, smiling at you. They looked poor. Yet they were very different from those kids you can see in places like India for example. They don't beg for money. The author felt the need to give them something, but not sure what. In the end, he took out his pens and pencils and gave it to them. Instantly, he could see their joy in receiving those stationery. Only then, he understood what his friend meant.

The children there, unlike others have not much opportunity to go to schools for a proper education, to study and to write. Pen or pencils, to us are things we can buy in bulk from stores, but to them, is something near to priceless, which they enjoy using for learning.

A lot of times, we have so much things in our lives that we kind of forget the joy in having the simplest of things.

We forget that even a simple pen, can also be very precious in some way, it can encompass our sincerity in presenting it as a gift, it can also carry creativity and the passion to learn.



ken said...

i dont get costly gifts for my birthday.. mostly i get just a cake =)

Wanderer said...


a secret recipe cake aint cheap either nowadays.. haha... RM90 per whole cake?

fzikuz said...

uhuhuh... it's a really nice story! it's bring back my precious memory when the very first time I start a formal education, and it's all using a pencil.. ^_^

Wanderer said...


talking about formal education.

suddenly i feel sad. I don't really appreciated my pens last time.

I often throw them away very fast.

but my dad often take them and use them but gave me new ones..

hmm, i was bad.. thinking bad.. it was really bad attitude..

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