Saturday, July 17

A blogger said: Murderers are actually good people?

I was reading a blog recently which tells a story about a murderer who killed the entire family of a child. The interesting part about this blog post was it stated that the murderer was not wrong in doing so. The reason behind this is: because of what the murderer did, the boy grew up working his best to become successful and then contributed a lot in terms of crime prevention.

Before I go on, I state here that I am not saying that the thinking of the author is wrong.

But I have another point of view towards this story:
1. How sure can we be that if the murderer did not kill the boy’s entire family, the boy will not work hard in life and be a successful person?
2. How certain are we that the boy when he grew up will not contribute towards better crime prevention?
3. How positive are we in saying that the boy’s success is totally dependent on the actions of the murderer?

If the murderer did not kill the boy’s family, does that mean the boy wouldn’t have understood the importance of crime prevention? Why the success of the boy later in life must be dependent on the cruel event?

If the boy were to live happily with his family, being cared and loved, being taught of the right moral values and principles, would he not still be righteous later as an adult?

Hmm… There seems to be a lot of ‘if’ here… I think the notion to suggest that the killer’s action is right because it caused the boy to be strong and successful in life is rather *I’m lost of words; not sure how to describe*, let’s say ‘illogical’…

Whether an action is right or wrong, in my opinion, for this case of murder should be considered at that point-of-time. It is wrong for the murderer to rob and kill his family (in fact, anybody). It is unlawful/immoral/against ethics for the murderer to commit a crime. Simple as that.

If we were to always, take a long and winding path and painstakingly linked every single success to a crime done by criminal, then we might as well just let all the killers and robbers roam the streets because they make people stronger after having a bad experience being robbed or family or friends being killed. In other words, all the crooks and now saints because of what they did.

Again, I would like to emphasize I’m not saying the author is wrong in saying what he said, I’m just saying that the notion isn’t very ‘sound’ to me.

What do you guys think?


ken said...

well.. i think it's not right to take away people's life..

but people are entitled to their own opinions.. probably he has experienced something related to that and he know how it feels? =)

Wanderer said...


yea, everybody can think say or do whatever they want. We can't stop them.. Haha..

Bryan said...

Well, if the murderer is a good person, then i think he could be a better person if he attempted to kill the family but failed, and got sent to jail anyway.

Now, the boy would have had such a cruel experience, he could still be successful base on it and he would still contribute to crime prevention. Futhermore, he would be very grateful his parents are still alive and perhaps he would even contribute to matters such as homeless children and abandoned parents.

Other members of the family could also be successful and would also contribute to the society after such a scary encounter.

Now, that makes it more successful people in the world huh?

I'm just being a tad bit sarcastic here. Like you, i find that notion illogical.

The blogger is just trying to look at things in a different perspective or thinking outside the box. But in my opinion, in this case, it should remain inside the box and we should take the generic path of praising the boy for overcoming such an ordeal with guts. A notion that says it is good for his family to die would be a very offending statement to him.

Wanderer said...


Haha, interesting comment there Bryan!!

Couldn't agree more. Didn't think you were sarcastic at all, but very reasonable instead.

I like the last part and I agree that to say the killing is a motivation for the boy to be successful is rather an offense to him, as it implies that we need to sacrifice his beloved family just for him to be successful. That sounds hard to swallow.


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