Saturday, June 26

Living at present

Some people say we should live in the present and not in the past. Meaning, to look forward rather than what has happened. Though this is a good attitude as we can't really change what has happened.

But excessively practicing such attitude, is it a good thing or a bad thing?

Think this way, something bad happened, you did something wrong. But you practice this attitude and say you want to look forward. When problem crops up again, and you do that again, does that show that you are shunting away from the responsibility? As in are you trying to run away from the fact you need to acknowledge that you have done something wrong? And correct the mistake?

Many of us have ego, so do I, in mandarin "爱面子", sometimes it really is hard to bow a little and say "Yea, it was my fault". I'm not saying that we should verbally express these words, but what I'm saying is we should acknowledge the fault rather than continuing with a 'perfect image' as though we have done nothing wrong at all.

If such situation persists, what would others think? Are you trustworthy? Are you reliable?

Everyone would love a perfect story book in for their life, without errors, without stains, but that never happens. That's why books have editor, most often panels of editors. In life, the editors are our friends. The ones who stand by us when we are challenged, the one who corrects our spelling error and sentence structure in our book.

If there's a mistake and we just go on for the second page and others look at the earlier pages, what would happen?

Living at present is good, but excessively, it shows a different side of the story.


the run yan,run said...

actually sometimes i think say it is my fault is easier le..because if i deny it and try to find ways to argue against them,my arguments will contradict myself and sometimes even lead to illogical statements..

Wanderer said...


hehe.. spoken like a physicist.

well, if it's my fault, I would definitely admit it.

to me, i think we need to take responsibility of what happens. So, no harm saying it's my fault.

But for some ppl, they just assume nothing happen, nothing wrong, not their fault. Basically in denial like that. I'm not particularly in favour of such attitude because you don't really solve any problems. It's just like a tank is leaking, and you just deny the fact it is leaking, so, in the end, everybody has no water to drink? haha funny rite?

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