Monday, May 17

Melbourne University Dance Showcase

Went to Melbourne University Dance Showcase two weeks ago with Ting. I've never actually been to any dance show before, neither can I dance. But boyyyyyyyyyyy, was the event 'hot'!!!!!
I wonder how does it feel to be dancing with a girl. Getting close and slow and intimate. Sounds sexy huh!! haha.. guys guys guys... control yourself!!! hehehe..
But yea, looking at the dancers, seriously, dance can be something very romantic which you would really enjoy if you are with someone you love. Imagine doing all those hot moves in salsa with you gf/bf?!?! Fuyoooo!!! hahaha..

By the way, the Melbourne Uni Dance Club really got a lot of lengzai lenglui lor!!! Too bad I'm not good at dancing, so I won't join!!! Haha.. dun wana embarrass myself on the dance floor.
Then again, I should learn some moves la, haha.. at least can impress somebody, sometime, in the future?! maybe?! :P


ohmywtf said...

lol...alot of eye candies lor :-P

Wanderer said...


Ahem Ahem... the main thing is the dance.. ahem ahem, not the babes!!!

But hell yea!! haha.. if u watch the video, u noticed it doesnt move frm someone?! hahahaha...

joking... hehe

ken said...

i suck at dancing.. i think =P

Wanderer said...


u think? haha..

dat means u have some move hidden inside lor?! wooo... wat can u do? Grease? hahahaa..

JLean said...

Dropping by ere. =)

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