Wednesday, May 5

I Quarrelled With My Boss

Right and wrong has always been something very clear cut to me since young. Whatever is right is always right for me, so is for what is wrong.

Unfortunately, I was told off by someone recently saying that whatever I think is not important because even if I think it is right but the other people think it is wrong. Then I will be perceived as wrong to everyone regardless of how I try to explain myself.

The question now: Do you dare to stand up to what is right?

Many people would say "Yea, he is wrong", "It is his fault since he did that", "He shouldn't have done such thing". But how many would actually stand up and say it out loud? Sadly, very few, in fact, none. They will always just whisper at the background.


Weijie's Case

Boss scolding Weijie: "If you can't even do such simple things, then please leave, please la, please leave, I really have no time to waste, I really just cannot teach people like you"

Me: "It's his first time doing the experiment, it's ok that it didn't turn out the way it should, just let him try again, he is learning"

Boss: "NO!!!! I can't waste my time on such people, I got other things to do, I can't be sitting here whole day checking on him"

Me: "Well, it's just his first try, he has never done the experiment, you can't blame him entirely, it's normal, just let him try a few more times, it should be fine"

I only knew Weijie for two days, but I stood up for him against my boss. I could have got fired by my boss as she didn't like it when people go against her. But I felt that Weijie shouldn't be blamed entirely for the screwed results from the experiment. He just started lab work for 2 days, he is still very fresh, he should be given the chance to learn.


Darya's Case

Boss quarreled with Darya earlier, and was searching through Darya's drawers: "This is my stuff, how can she keep it, is she going to take it with her?? This is too much!!! I will sue her"

Me: "This is not yours, it is Darya's. She brought it here with her when she came over from the US"

Boss: "NO NO NO!! I'm sure it's mine, it's all mine, she is stealing"

Me: "I don't think she is stealing anything, because it is really her personal belonging, if you open it, you will notice it is just notes on her experiments in the US, nothing to do with the work over here"


Again and again, I saw injustice. I spoke up. I put myself in danger and my job on the line just to save others. Why? Just because I think it is the right thing to do and the people who were blamed weren't wrong at all.

Many would say I'm stupid for putting myself in danger. But have you gave some thought, what if you are the one in the hot soup and it wasn't your fault, would you want someone to help you? How would you feel if you know everyone just wants to be a spectator in the situation rather than giving you a hand?

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Josh said...

So in the end what did your boss do to you and them? If he fire all of you, then all the best for him to find someone else to take shits from him. XP

ken said...

the boss is really blunt i guess?.. =/
you're really brave to stand up for your colleagues.. many would remain silent and just talk about it when the boss isnt around..

SonnyKazu said...

Good question! Well, the boss seems doesn't care or bother about the workers' rights. He/she must take good care of the employees so that they will respect to the boss.

Wanderer said...


My colleague, Darya resigned and left for Europe.

The student, Weijie, left two weeks after the incident as he decided to discontinue studying in my laboratory.

I continued working in the laboratory for the entire tenure of my contract, thereafter I left for Australia.

Both of them had problems with my boss, but I was ok with my boss, we shared a rather professional relationship though I do go against her at times when I saw injustice or something wasn't right. Hehe..

Wanderer said...


Anyone can stand behind the curtains and gossip and make some noise, but will that get us anywhere? I seriously doubt so.

Sometimes I may also be in such group of people, whispering about what I do not feel happy about. But when the matter is rather serious, as in this case, I feel Weijie shouldn't be blamed and Darya shouldn't be accused of stealing, so I made the decision to stand up and defend them.

Wanderer said...


Well, in this world, there are a lot of people of different character. I must clarify that my boss is a very capable and efficient boss. She gets her work done every time.

But character wise, she is a very blunt lady. She will shout and scream at you. But then again, I guess she just wants to make sure everybody submits to her authority and to make sure that we get her job done.

-p.c- said...

Solute! I don't think I'll be daring enough to stand up in such situation >.<

Wanderer said...


Sometimes we need to make a stand.

不然,我们都只是个贪生怕死的人而已。That isn't very good. We should believe in what is right and uphold it. We shouldn't be like grass swaying in the direction of the wind.

But again, easier said than done.

SonnyKazu said...

because... he saja only larh... I'm just a bowler... :D

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