Friday, May 28


Exam period..everyone is studying hard..before the last paper for my final exam to get a degree,i wrote a 'poem'..might not apply to everyone though

Exam,exam !
Final sem exam!
Do your past papers,
'cos questions are the same.

Exam,exam !
What??!Syllabus has changed?
Now that drives me insane..

Exam,exam !
I hope it all damn ends..
After exam's plan?
lots of silly games....


Wanderer said...


Definitely applies to me! Haha..

I had a presentation assessment on Thursday.

One summary written test on Friday.

OMG.. busy busy in exam!! hahaha

jfook said...

All the best!!

ohmywtf said...

good luck in ur exams! :-)

Wanderer said...

jfook & ohmywtf

thank you.


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