Monday, May 3

Choose what is right, not what is easy.

How often do we find the thin line which separates right from wrong blurred in our eyes? What is right and what is wrong? Are they just simple words or do they mean something in reality?

Most often, something which is wrong, is also something which is easy. Most probably it makes our lives easy in some way which in turn benefits us.

But how to we define 'right'? Based on moral values, principles and ethics? Do we look at Confucius' teachings to decide what is correct and what is not? Do we look at our religion to decide what is right from wrong?

Do we say running a red light is right, just because it make our lives easy by not having to wait another minute or two at the junction or just because we weren't caught in an accident or just because we weren't caught by the police officer?

Do we say using leaked exam questions or paying to obtain these exam papers as right just because it may give us the edge over others in scoring in the exams?

Do we say abandoning a friend to save our on skin as right because we saved ourselves regardless of what happened to our friends?

Do we say lying to everyone else that we are helping a friend while we actually left the person in a lurch as right just because we managed to protect our image as being a nice person in front of other friends?

Right and wrong. How do we define them? Whether we define them correctly or not, is it dependent on our own mentality? Or the social circle which we grew up in? Or the upbringing which our family exposed us to? Or the religious teaching which we followed? Or the formal education we received?

Do we do what is right? Or do we choose to do what is easy?

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