Sunday, May 9

Buying Leaked A'level Exam Questions Isn't Cheating!!

I've always known that growing in a different environment, mixing with different groups of friends, family upbringing, formal education received all contribute towards what we believe in and practice in our daily lives.

Recently, I popped by a blog and had an interesting discussion with a blogger called Bryan.

The topic was on whether "Buying Leaked Exam Question Papers" was wrong?

As you can see from the picture, he doesn't think it is wrong and it is not considered as cheating.

Well, I'm not going to say Bryan is wrong. I find the discussion really interesting as it shows that people living in different environment, interacting with different groups of friends really have different mentality, very different indeed.

To Bryan, he defined cheating during exam as an act which is done in the exam venue such as copying, bringing in notes, etc, whereas the buying of leaked exam papers are not considered as cheating, neither it is wrong.

To me, the main point of the examination is to assess your understanding of the particular subject. If you already got hold of the questions beforehand, then what is the point of the assessment?

So, to me, the act of buying leaked exam papers is wrong and it is an act of cheating. But I guess that's because I grew up in a different environment from Bryan and his friends.

I've mentioned this matter to a close friend's mother. The first thing she said is she did not know about the real exam paper being sold. If she knew, she would have bought the papers for his son during his A' level so that he could score all A's because the most important thing is to obtain the A's, it doesn't really matter if he had to resort to buying the leaked papers. (NOTE: the leaked papers referred here, are the exact papers used during the real examination)

What is your take on this? Right or wrong?

PS: No offense to Bryan, this post's emphasis in on the different mentality we have. His blog is really interesting to read, just click here to read his blog.

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jfook said...

I dun even have any question paper to buy in my uni.LOL

Wanderer said...


that isn't the main point. Haha.

The main point is whether you think is right or wrong?! hahaha...

Which uni r u from btw?

the run yan,run said...

If the point of the examination is to assess the understanding of a particular subject,then buying leaked questions helps the understanding of students understanding in that subject to some extend isnt it?

So my view is whether buying leaked questions is cheating or not is inconclusive.The key problem we should look at instead is the flaws of examination system we are having now.

PS:Questions in exams nowadays are so easy..just do past papers is suffice since questions are almost exactly the same every year for cry out loud..why spend money on leaked questions? :P

Wanderer said...


u ah! haha.. if u buy model exam for preparation then i agree with u..

but this is buying the real paper.. so u r memorizing the real answers, and regurgitating it during the real exam, then wats the point?! hahaha..

emphasis too much on paper exam caused many ppl to resort to 'dark' tactics during exam, thats the main flaw in education..

Bryan said...

Well, i've never seen real exam papers being sold, but i've heard of many many tips of exam questions. Theres always a risk in buying these sort of things.

Regurgitating and memorising? Isn't that the way to go for scoring the exams?

My teacher in school once said that he knew that we had leaked questions, and contemplated in changing the ministry set paper to one of his own. But he said, if we didn't know the leaked questions, we wouldn't study much, but now that we do, we looked up the textbook to find the answers, in the end, we did study.

And your post is very misleading. It implies that i would have jumped onto the bandwagon of buying real exam papers if i had the chance. Though i did say, i wouldn't be willing to pay so much for such a thing but i would not blame those who did. Would you? Would you blame them? would you despise them? It kinda implies that you do.

They are just striving for their goals in their own way. SLightly unrelated, but in the real world, if you were given tips about a rival company, would you exploit it? I guess you won't, but would that be the right thing to do?

Examinations nowadays requires memorising rather than understanding. Its not really a flaw, there's just no other way to do it.

Wanderer said...


You misunderstood the post.

My post emphasis was on the different mindset people have in different environment. I was just using our discussion as an example.

I didn't mean you would 'buy leaked exam papers', my emphasis is that we have different mentality.

On whether I would blame and despise those who buy leaked exam papers to score in the exam, my answer is 'Yes, I would'. I guess my answer is on the basis that we all should have a rather fair ground to compete. If one person has the questions, he scored A. People like me can argue that he cheated. But others can also argue saying he earned it because he went to search for the answers after having the leaked papers (as in he worked hard in finding answers). Then again, to me, personally, I would tend to think he unscrupulously gain his way to an 'A'. That's how I see it la.

But as the post emphasis is on 'different mentality = different perception of what is right and wrong', so, others may think otherwise.

I'm not saying you are wrong. Not at all. Haha...

Regarding examination, how to go about it, in Malaysia, the exam is rather 'memorising-type' as you've mentioned. But there are some examination are so called 'application-type' or 'problem-based'. Maybe you are more familiar with the latter?

The latter basically involves more application answers, hence, you may have 'open-book' examinations as the answers are not directly from the book but indirectly on how you apply what you understood about a particular concept.

As mentioned in the post, no offense to you personally. Haha.. The post emphasis was about 'different mentality' using 'buying exam papers' as an example.


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