Tuesday, May 18

Buddha Day@Federation Square

May 16th and 17th was the Buddha Day in Melbourne. I guess it was held in conjunction with the Vesak Day which was two weeks ago.
We can see clearly the day was blessed with clear sky and a holy sun to keep everyone warm and happy. (1130am)
This is the vegetarian lane. Whatever you want, you can get a vegetarian version of it, got chicken rice, duck, anything! It was amazing!!!
Main event: The bathing of the Buddha ceremony. Everybody was queuing up for this. It was really a long queue.
Though it was Buddha Day. There were also other cultural activity. The theme was generally Buddhism bringing harmony across cultural boundaries!!
The Goddess of Mercy prayer alter. I prayed here when there wasn't many people around. It really felt good. Got some sort of unexplainable sense of calmness and 'good' feeling.
The main alter up close.
Everybody was praying that day as you can see. Hmmm.. Nice rainbow'ish lighting.. hehe
Main entrance...
Main entrance statue also...
The queue getting longer over time...
Mexican dance!! haha... Kinda weird having this on Buddha Day, but rather interesting!!
Queue getting longer, crowd getting larger as the day goes by!!! (Now is 3pm)
Another view of the Alter everybody is queuing up for.
Bodhi Tree: Write your wish on a leave and stick it here, hope it will come true.. hehe..


ohmywtf said...

oh...i didn't realize there is a BUDDHA DAY....not in malaysia, right?

Wanderer said...


Msia is Vesak Day. But here in Melbourne don't have, so they have Buddha Day as a celebration, but it's not a public holiday, it's just an event organized by the Buddhist Society in Melbourne, Victoria. Really large event lor, you don't see this in Msia. Not that I know of anyway.

the run yan..run yan,run said...

the main event of buddha day is buddha bathing ceremony? what a disappointment

Wanderer said...


well, to me la, coz i wanted to go pray and do that ceremony mar..

There were a lot of things:
- Taichi Exhibition
- The art of chinese tea making
- Talks: Buddhism 101, 202; Art of meditation; Management in Buddhism
- Exhibition: Buddhism in Victoria, Founder of Fo Guang Shan
- Multicultural activity: Mexican, Indian, cultural performance
- Lighting Ceremony
- World Peace Prayer Ceremony
- Vegetarian Cooking demonstration
- Vegetarian Food Stalls..

to me, the main thing was bathing-buddha and prayer.. haha.. so i put it as main event.. but i saw a lot of ppl makan'ing, so thats their main event lor!? haaha

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