Saturday, May 15

Am I spineless just because I apologise?

When something goes wrong, do we apologize or do we keep mum about it and act as though nothing happened?

Some people have a tendency to refer the latter as 'living-at-present' meaning things have happened, you can't change the fact it has happened, so might as well we just look ahead and move on. (This is another good topic to discuss in a later post)

The maiden post of this blog entitled "Choose what is right, not what is easy" is a lesson shared by Master Yoda, the Grandmaster Jedi in the animated series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Season 2).

Deep down within us, there is always this 'pride' or 'ego' which often tells us to be the best in our image. So often, it prevents us from saying "I'm Sorry". It deems apologizing as an act which shows you have a weakness, you have made a mistake, you are not perfect.

Such inner pride may sometimes be so strong that many of us often succumb to it and walk away from problems which we've caused and leaving these mistakes aside so that it seems like we have no play in them, as in we are innocent.

But is this the right way? An acquaintance once told me "You should never show your weakness to others". She said that when I apologized to a friend. She assume apologizing as showing that I have a weakness.

So when I apologizing to someone, am I actually embarrassing myself? Am I showing that I have my weak points? Am I living in the past rather than in the present?

Or am I just willing to take responsibility of what has been done by me?

If something happened, and everyone assume no responsibility, will the problem be resolved? Will it go away? Maybe after awhile, everybody will forget what has happened, but is that the main point? Or is acknowledging our weakness more important and trying to solve the problem and make a better future the main point?


ken said...

if im at fault, i dont mind apologizing.. that should be the way, in my opinion..

however, egoism, pride and sensitivity can be a problem when it comes to apologizing.. =)

-p.c- said...

I think apologising is not embarrassing. It is just us admitting that we had make a mistake. When I made a mistake and don't apologise, my heart won't be at peace. It's just the way I feel.

Wanderer said...


I agree with you, but from what I noticed, many people can't apologise, or not willing to, the prefer to act as though they did not do the mistake and worse, blame it on others. This is kind of bad isn't it, if it's our friends who are doing it.

Wanderer said...


Me too. I will keep thinking about it if I don't apologize. It's like in the dramas - living in guilt. But I don't know why, that is the feedback I get from a particular pool of friends. They find it stupid to do so and say Im only embarassing myself. These pool of friends prefer to act as though they are not involved in the problem and the problem never occur.

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