Sunday, May 30


Thanks to Aunt for bringing over this yummy chinese biscuit!! hahaha.. Feels good to eat something which you can find easily back home... Seriously taste yummy!!! Yanyan, do you get to eat this in UK?

Friday, May 28


Exam period..everyone is studying hard..before the last paper for my final exam to get a degree,i wrote a 'poem'..might not apply to everyone though

Exam,exam !
Final sem exam!
Do your past papers,
'cos questions are the same.

Exam,exam !
What??!Syllabus has changed?
Now that drives me insane..

Exam,exam !
I hope it all damn ends..
After exam's plan?
lots of silly games....

Tuesday, May 18

Buddha Day@Federation Square

May 16th and 17th was the Buddha Day in Melbourne. I guess it was held in conjunction with the Vesak Day which was two weeks ago.
We can see clearly the day was blessed with clear sky and a holy sun to keep everyone warm and happy. (1130am)
This is the vegetarian lane. Whatever you want, you can get a vegetarian version of it, got chicken rice, duck, anything! It was amazing!!!
Main event: The bathing of the Buddha ceremony. Everybody was queuing up for this. It was really a long queue.
Though it was Buddha Day. There were also other cultural activity. The theme was generally Buddhism bringing harmony across cultural boundaries!!
The Goddess of Mercy prayer alter. I prayed here when there wasn't many people around. It really felt good. Got some sort of unexplainable sense of calmness and 'good' feeling.
The main alter up close.
Everybody was praying that day as you can see. Hmmm.. Nice rainbow'ish lighting.. hehe
Main entrance...
Main entrance statue also...
The queue getting longer over time...
Mexican dance!! haha... Kinda weird having this on Buddha Day, but rather interesting!!
Queue getting longer, crowd getting larger as the day goes by!!! (Now is 3pm)
Another view of the Alter everybody is queuing up for.
Bodhi Tree: Write your wish on a leave and stick it here, hope it will come true.. hehe..

Monday, May 17

Melbourne University Dance Showcase

Went to Melbourne University Dance Showcase two weeks ago with Ting. I've never actually been to any dance show before, neither can I dance. But boyyyyyyyyyyy, was the event 'hot'!!!!!
I wonder how does it feel to be dancing with a girl. Getting close and slow and intimate. Sounds sexy huh!! haha.. guys guys guys... control yourself!!! hehehe..
But yea, looking at the dancers, seriously, dance can be something very romantic which you would really enjoy if you are with someone you love. Imagine doing all those hot moves in salsa with you gf/bf?!?! Fuyoooo!!! hahaha..

By the way, the Melbourne Uni Dance Club really got a lot of lengzai lenglui lor!!! Too bad I'm not good at dancing, so I won't join!!! Haha.. dun wana embarrass myself on the dance floor.
Then again, I should learn some moves la, haha.. at least can impress somebody, sometime, in the future?! maybe?! :P

Saturday, May 15

Am I spineless just because I apologise?

When something goes wrong, do we apologize or do we keep mum about it and act as though nothing happened?

Some people have a tendency to refer the latter as 'living-at-present' meaning things have happened, you can't change the fact it has happened, so might as well we just look ahead and move on. (This is another good topic to discuss in a later post)

The maiden post of this blog entitled "Choose what is right, not what is easy" is a lesson shared by Master Yoda, the Grandmaster Jedi in the animated series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Season 2).

Deep down within us, there is always this 'pride' or 'ego' which often tells us to be the best in our image. So often, it prevents us from saying "I'm Sorry". It deems apologizing as an act which shows you have a weakness, you have made a mistake, you are not perfect.

Such inner pride may sometimes be so strong that many of us often succumb to it and walk away from problems which we've caused and leaving these mistakes aside so that it seems like we have no play in them, as in we are innocent.

But is this the right way? An acquaintance once told me "You should never show your weakness to others". She said that when I apologized to a friend. She assume apologizing as showing that I have a weakness.

So when I apologizing to someone, am I actually embarrassing myself? Am I showing that I have my weak points? Am I living in the past rather than in the present?

Or am I just willing to take responsibility of what has been done by me?

If something happened, and everyone assume no responsibility, will the problem be resolved? Will it go away? Maybe after awhile, everybody will forget what has happened, but is that the main point? Or is acknowledging our weakness more important and trying to solve the problem and make a better future the main point?

Sunday, May 9

Buying Leaked A'level Exam Questions Isn't Cheating!!

I've always known that growing in a different environment, mixing with different groups of friends, family upbringing, formal education received all contribute towards what we believe in and practice in our daily lives.

Recently, I popped by a blog and had an interesting discussion with a blogger called Bryan.

The topic was on whether "Buying Leaked Exam Question Papers" was wrong?

As you can see from the picture, he doesn't think it is wrong and it is not considered as cheating.

Well, I'm not going to say Bryan is wrong. I find the discussion really interesting as it shows that people living in different environment, interacting with different groups of friends really have different mentality, very different indeed.

To Bryan, he defined cheating during exam as an act which is done in the exam venue such as copying, bringing in notes, etc, whereas the buying of leaked exam papers are not considered as cheating, neither it is wrong.

To me, the main point of the examination is to assess your understanding of the particular subject. If you already got hold of the questions beforehand, then what is the point of the assessment?

So, to me, the act of buying leaked exam papers is wrong and it is an act of cheating. But I guess that's because I grew up in a different environment from Bryan and his friends.

I've mentioned this matter to a close friend's mother. The first thing she said is she did not know about the real exam paper being sold. If she knew, she would have bought the papers for his son during his A' level so that he could score all A's because the most important thing is to obtain the A's, it doesn't really matter if he had to resort to buying the leaked papers. (NOTE: the leaked papers referred here, are the exact papers used during the real examination)

What is your take on this? Right or wrong?

PS: No offense to Bryan, this post's emphasis in on the different mentality we have. His blog is really interesting to read, just click here to read his blog.

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Wednesday, May 5

I Quarrelled With My Boss

Right and wrong has always been something very clear cut to me since young. Whatever is right is always right for me, so is for what is wrong.

Unfortunately, I was told off by someone recently saying that whatever I think is not important because even if I think it is right but the other people think it is wrong. Then I will be perceived as wrong to everyone regardless of how I try to explain myself.

The question now: Do you dare to stand up to what is right?

Many people would say "Yea, he is wrong", "It is his fault since he did that", "He shouldn't have done such thing". But how many would actually stand up and say it out loud? Sadly, very few, in fact, none. They will always just whisper at the background.


Weijie's Case

Boss scolding Weijie: "If you can't even do such simple things, then please leave, please la, please leave, I really have no time to waste, I really just cannot teach people like you"

Me: "It's his first time doing the experiment, it's ok that it didn't turn out the way it should, just let him try again, he is learning"

Boss: "NO!!!! I can't waste my time on such people, I got other things to do, I can't be sitting here whole day checking on him"

Me: "Well, it's just his first try, he has never done the experiment, you can't blame him entirely, it's normal, just let him try a few more times, it should be fine"

I only knew Weijie for two days, but I stood up for him against my boss. I could have got fired by my boss as she didn't like it when people go against her. But I felt that Weijie shouldn't be blamed entirely for the screwed results from the experiment. He just started lab work for 2 days, he is still very fresh, he should be given the chance to learn.


Darya's Case

Boss quarreled with Darya earlier, and was searching through Darya's drawers: "This is my stuff, how can she keep it, is she going to take it with her?? This is too much!!! I will sue her"

Me: "This is not yours, it is Darya's. She brought it here with her when she came over from the US"

Boss: "NO NO NO!! I'm sure it's mine, it's all mine, she is stealing"

Me: "I don't think she is stealing anything, because it is really her personal belonging, if you open it, you will notice it is just notes on her experiments in the US, nothing to do with the work over here"


Again and again, I saw injustice. I spoke up. I put myself in danger and my job on the line just to save others. Why? Just because I think it is the right thing to do and the people who were blamed weren't wrong at all.

Many would say I'm stupid for putting myself in danger. But have you gave some thought, what if you are the one in the hot soup and it wasn't your fault, would you want someone to help you? How would you feel if you know everyone just wants to be a spectator in the situation rather than giving you a hand?

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Monday, May 3

Choose what is right, not what is easy.

How often do we find the thin line which separates right from wrong blurred in our eyes? What is right and what is wrong? Are they just simple words or do they mean something in reality?

Most often, something which is wrong, is also something which is easy. Most probably it makes our lives easy in some way which in turn benefits us.

But how to we define 'right'? Based on moral values, principles and ethics? Do we look at Confucius' teachings to decide what is correct and what is not? Do we look at our religion to decide what is right from wrong?

Do we say running a red light is right, just because it make our lives easy by not having to wait another minute or two at the junction or just because we weren't caught in an accident or just because we weren't caught by the police officer?

Do we say using leaked exam questions or paying to obtain these exam papers as right just because it may give us the edge over others in scoring in the exams?

Do we say abandoning a friend to save our on skin as right because we saved ourselves regardless of what happened to our friends?

Do we say lying to everyone else that we are helping a friend while we actually left the person in a lurch as right just because we managed to protect our image as being a nice person in front of other friends?

Right and wrong. How do we define them? Whether we define them correctly or not, is it dependent on our own mentality? Or the social circle which we grew up in? Or the upbringing which our family exposed us to? Or the religious teaching which we followed? Or the formal education we received?

Do we do what is right? Or do we choose to do what is easy?
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